About Us

Established in 1854, High Street Chapel has existed in Hopton for over 150 years. But you may not have realised that so much goes on in our secluded location just off the High Street. We are an evangelical Christian church sharing fellowship and friendship.


Our essential practices:

  • Baptism of believers, through which we express our faith in Christ
  • Communion, in which we remember all that Christ has done for us
  • Obedience to the authority of the Bible in personal, family and Church life
  • Fellowship: the sharing of our resources, our gifts and our needs
  • Prayer, through which we express ourselves to God and discover guidance in every area of life
  • Teaching, exploring and upholding the principles of the Bible through public preaching and teaching
  • Music has played a key part in our evolution and we enjoy a broad range of styles with modern songs predominating in our lively worship. A ‘young’ music band includes piano and drums, guitars and violin, flutes, clarinet and saxophone. Several ‘home’ songwriters have contributed to the song-resource

Our essential beliefs:

  • That the Bible is the Word of God. Through it we discover the will of God for our lives.
  • That Jesus is the Son of God. Through His death we find forgiveness and through His resurrection we find new life.
  • That the Holy Spirit indwells our lives and through Him we find the power to live for God.